Thursday, October 06, 2005

Guest Photoblogging Part 2

Still the office monkey, so I asked Joe if he would let me share photos of some of his travels, and he said sure. Joe's a rugged guy, and when I get back to the trailers each night, he's there with a beer and a smoke, telling us his tales of being in the field north of New Orleans. But even he seems to be affected by what he sees every day. It's easy to just see numbers and statistics when you're in an office, but when you're out in the field, you see refrigerators, fuel canisters, oil spills, destroyed homes, and everything that the hurricane and storm surge have wrought throughout southern Louisana.

Joe has seen some amazing things, but I think this picture is the most amazing. There is this house with one of its walls completely torn off, and yet the bed is perfectly made:


He's also seen a lot of refrigerators, coolers, and the like which are full of spoiled meat. These things have been baking in 90+ degree heat for over a month. The flies love it. The humans certainly do not:

I don't want to even think about what that smells like.

Check out the car underneath the water here:

I guess you can tell your destroyed home is in Louisiana by the giant box of mardi-gras beads in the rubble pile:

When this area was flooded, it made sense to tie your boat to a street sign. It looks a little different once the waters recede:

Alternatively, you could let the storm and flood park your boat for you:

Here are a few more things that can make even a rugged guy like Joe feel overwhelmed:

Thanks for letting me post these pictures, Joe.


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