Monday, October 24, 2005

First days 1

Here's a few more pics from the beginning days of the hurricane's result. Thanks to the good folks from Tetra and everyone in that warehouse in Baton Rouge(hey at least there are more things open in the neighborhood around the warehouse than there were near the LDEQ building. Frostop notwithstanding--that place has the best eats):

A flooded Canal Street:

These poor guys:

Now I need to say, I have no idea what became of those poor dogs. I have seen small packs of dogs in the streets of every heavily affected (read: neighborhoods that were ghost towns at the time I visited them) neighborhood I've been in except for the West End and the 9th Ward. Keep in mind I did not walk through entire neighborhoods, either, maybe a couple blocks and a drive into and out of the neighborhoods). I did see a solitary dog in the 9th Ward, closer to the northwest corner of the neighborhood... a little dog who looked very scared, very tired, but still alive. I must also say that I think the SPCA folks have done a good job of not only rounding up the poor animals, but also leaving clean water and giant bags of dog food every few blocks, so that these poor critters, while shocked and confused by what has happened to them, are still alive, and can eventually be rescued. So don't give up on the dogs in the picture, because there are a lot of good folks out there who are doing a lot to make sure that the impact on even the animals of New Orleans is as minimal as possible.

A sheen on the water:

And some high speed flood transportation:


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