Friday, September 30, 2005


I went out with some very cool people from the outfall water sampling group #2. We went out to pumps #16, #14, #7, as well as the Orleans Canal and London Canal. Then we met up with another water sampling team at the West End neighborhood--the one that flooded because of the 17th Street Canal breach. I saw both sides of the breach. The "bad" side got wind and flood damage. The "good" side just got wind damage. To call either one as being in good shape is a complete lie. I'll add explanations of the pictures at a later date. I took 186 pictures today. Here's some of what I saw.

I am very tired and have to start my new duties as te Environmental Assessment Branch Chief tomorrow. It involves hectic office work, which actually should be alright. It's the acronyms and task names that I have to learn which will be the difficult part. Figuring out the protocols and how everyone interacts will be important, because people will chew you out if you talk to the wrong person in the chain. Good times.


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