Sunday, September 25, 2005

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So, Dallas is ok. It's like Indianapolis or Minneapolis: there's nothing but parking lots next to a downtown (that was ghost-town-empty on a Sunday night) and a huge area of suburbs surrounding that. They do have super-nifty highways with big stars on the pilings. Lone stars. They're big because, well, everything's bigger in Texas...even the stars on their highways. And BBQ. Sweet, sweet BBQ. Luckily Jim and Sandy like BBQ too, so we've had it twice in two days. We went to a joint where the brisket was cut right in front of us. Yesterday we went to a place that advertised its food as 'world famous' BBQ. Tonight's place said they'd been there 'since 1948'. The 'world famous' BBQ was tastier than the tried and true BBQ. So that's a little tip for y'all city folk: while both are very good in and of themselves, 'world class' BBQ is superior to BBQ 'since 1948'.

I have a real beef with the fact that Chicago doesn't have as many BBQ joints as we do burrito joints. Human beings should have ready access to tasty food of all kinds at all hours, it's as simple as that.

Again, I have no idea what I'm going to be doing down here or where I will be working. I can only speculate that I will either wok 12 hour days in an office in Dallas (in which case this blog's level of interestingness will be in the crapper) or I'll be sent to areas which have been damaged. If I am sent out to the coast to work in hurricane damaged areas--which I hope that I will--this blog will be the most efficient way to communicate to my family and friends. For now, indulge yourselves with these pictures from the 12th floor of the Dallas Park Central Westin hotel.

The buildings in the foreground are not downtown Dallas. Dallas and Fort Worth can be seen behind the office park.


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