Monday, September 26, 2005

And the waiting is the hardest part

Tom Petty was right. We had a meeting at 8 in the morning, where we were told that Texas doesn't have as much damage as they expected, and EPA is not requested to help. HQ doesn't want to have us come down here for nothing, so they're looking to integrate us with the Louisiana relief efforts--either in New Orleans or Lake Charles. We've got another meeting at 6pm, so maybe we'll know something then.

We went to the site where JFK was shot. What I took from going there was that the entire area is just so much smaller than it looks in the video. There are two "x" marks on the road, one black (where the first bullet struck JFK) and one white (where the second bullet hit). They're not that far apart, maybe a few car lengths. We visited the grassy knoll and stood outside the book depository. Here are some pics:

The grassy knoll is to the left of center.

A view of the book depository (far left) from the grassy knoll

The grassy knoll from the sidewalk.

View of white "x" from the grassy knoll.

The book depository building. There's a museum in the back, but I think that the county uses this building as an office...


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